How does our Price Match Guarantee work for in-store purchases?
If you find a lower price at another store on a new, identical item, show us the lower price at the time of purchase and we will match it on the spot. Or show us the lower price within 14 days of your purchase and we will pay you the difference. Our price is the final price you pay after any discounts, coupons, instant savings and mail-in savings are applied. We will match the other store's point-of-sale price after deducting their instant rebates and coupons. We will not match the other store's mail-in rebates nor will we deduct the value of any gift with purchase. Please note price match is for some items only.

 Window Decals Vary In Price Please Email or Call for an Estimate 
 $20.00 Custom License Plate

Computer Repair
 $50.00 Diagnostic and Repair
 $20.00 Arch Wireless Mouse 
 $45.00 Windows Xp Professional Edition Install 
 $85.00 Windows 7 Home Edition Install 
 $30.00 Hardware Upgrade* 
 $30.00 Hardware Downgrade* 
 $20.00 Create Recovery Disks (1-4 Disks Needed) 
 $35.00 Create Recovery Disks (5+ Needed)* 
 $15.00 Clean up old, unused files on hard disk 
 $15.00 Defrag partial files on hard disk 
 $15.00 Clean interior of CPU 
 $20.00 Microsoft Works 9 Install  
 $20.00 Microsoft Works 9 Disk** 
 $20.00 Design T-shirt to your idea 
 $25.00 Starting Price on Graphic Design 
 $15.00 Internet Usage/Safety Class*** 
 $15.00 Windows Usage/Safety Class*** 
 $15.00 MS Office Class*** 
 $15.00 MS Works Class*** 
 $15.00 Fix your Computer Right In Your Home  

$75.00 4-8x10, 8-5x7, 24 Wallet Picture Package 
 $55.00 1-8x10, 3-5x7, 8 Wallet Picture Package 
 $65.00 3-8x10, 4-5x7, 2-4x6, 8 Wallet Picture Package 
 $60.00 3-8x10, 4-5x7, 4-4x6 Picture Package 
 $15.00 1 Extra 8x10 
 $12.00 1 Extra 5x7 
 $8.00 1 Extra 4x6  

All prices for In-Office work, for In-Home work service, and travel fees may apply.    
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